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What the NHS said

Anne and Leigh were approached by local GPs from the North West of England as part of a campaign to attract more doctors to train and work in the region. The three films produced were subsequently used to promote General Practice as an attractive career option by the UK wide GP campaign #Choose GP.


Impact analysis for #Choose GP: ‘Video remains the best performing format on the Choose GP Facebook page, receiving on average 74% higher reach. The films provided by HEE North West performed particularly well, achieving 7,000 video views. The authentic nature of these films seems to have been received well.’


’ It was a pleasure to work with Anne and Leigh and we were very impressed with the professional quality of the film they produced.’


‘Looks fantastic. Really impressed! Positive feedback from Macmillan who are very pleased with the outcome.’

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What the Bowland Forest Gliding Club said

Bowland Forest Gliding Club describes itself as a ‘Top club in a beautiful setting’ and the club first started flying back in the 1950s. Surrounded by an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the club makes a wonderful base for flights over stunning local scenery.

The short cameo film, filmed and edited by Anne and Leigh was a welcome addition to the club website, aiming to increase membership for a club run entirely by volunteers and enthusiasts.

Tracy Hiles Bowland Forest Committee member

‘Many thanks for the film Anne – it is really helpful for the club, particularly as the footage promotes women in gliding which is something we are trying to encourage!’

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What Kim Cypher said

Kim Cypher is one of the UK’s most exciting saxophonists, vocalists and composers.

Kim’s 2nd album ‘Love Kim x’ was released 3rd May 2019. Currently on a UK album tour.

Kim Cypher Music https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwLWEPoElW5pI5C7-sp8mWA

Leigh and Skooch Media have produced a number of promotional films for Kim, including her official video ’Rising in the Dust’ shot on location, at Cheltenham college chapel, in the summer of 2017.

Leigh used a full range of photographic techniques shooting with a small crew and drone pilot, along with directing over 20 members of cast.

Kim Cypher Jazz musician

‘As a professional musician, the quality of the audio and visual is of utmost importance together with a creativity that reflects my personality and music. When embarking upon a new release ‘official’ music video I wanted to be sure of working with the right team. Leigh came very highly recommended and after contacting him, I was entirely confident my brief was fully understood. The video ‘Rising From The Dust’ exceeded my expectations which is really hard to do. I am a perfectionist!’

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What Muntons said

Muntons are a long established UK malt barley supplier for the food, brewery and distillery industries. In 2019, the company completed a high tech plant in the heart of the Yorkshire Wolds, home of many of the farming communities that grow and supply the barley. The plant was to supply high quality peat-dried malt to whiskey distilleries abroad and in the UK.

Anne and Leigh produced a couple of films for Muntons: one to be used to illustrate the unique features of the new plant to potential overseas customers and the other to be used at a European brewing and distilling exhibition stand.

The first film combined dynamic visuals, using aerial photography with interviews to produce a marketing film closely aligned to the customer’s brief.

Targeted subtitles from the first film were used as the key promotional messages to create an exhibition stand film designed to entice exhibition delegates into the Muntons stand.

Pete Robson General Manager Malt Sales, Muntons Malt

‘Many thanks for all your hard work. We are really thrilled with our new video and look forward to showing it to potential customers as it tells our story perfectly.’

Andy Janes Corporate Marketing and PR Specialist

I think both films work well and will do the job nicely. Well done team!’